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A new beginning

After 20 years in business, Smelink AB had outgrown it’s suit and needed a new name and visual identity to better reflect their current position on the market. They wanted to be the rebel that stands out from the competition while still remembering it’s heritage. With over 5000 customers spanning two decades, they were ready for a new beginning!

The brand

Building the Ready Digital brand is an ongoing project and was first launched in September 2017. I have done assets for both web and print. The visual identity includes the logo, font, colors, icons, patterns and more. I’ve also done a lot video content and taken photos of employees and interiors.

Logo on background

Logo on white


When the comptetition leans more towards monochrome and muted colors, Ready stands out through color and form. With a colorful palette to choose from, there’s a color for every occasion. Ready Digital wants to help brands go digital and challenge themselves to try new exciting directions.

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